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Wallet FA No.3 Black

Wallet FA No.3 Black

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# modern design

# natural skin

# 2 Romanian CI type pockets

# 8 independent pockets for cards

# pocket for bills




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Product Description

Wallet FA No.3 Black is a wallet with a modern design, made in our workshop from natural leather, handcrafted which leads to the combination of the color of the leather used, the thread, but also the way of sewing, by hand or with a sewing machine .

It can also be customized by laser engraving or embossing

-CAREFUL! not all leather used by us can be customized by laser engraving

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    We offer a guarantee for a period of 120 days from the delivery of the product

  • 100% Italian leather 🇮🇹

    We only use 100% natural leather, brought exclusively from the best tanneries in Italy.

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    All products can be customized for FREE by laser engraving or embossing.

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